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What is Plesk and how to use it for your VPS

First steps with Plesk for your VPS

Plesk is a powerful software that has been designed for administrating and managing web hosting environments. It is an excellent choice for managing your one.com VPS, providing you with a user-friendly interface that simplifies all the complexities of VPS operations.

In this short article, we’ll briefly explain what Plesk is and the first steps you can take to set it up. The aim is to help you can immediately get started setting up your VPS with this excellent, user-friendly management software. 

What is Plesk?

Plesk is the ideal management software for all web professionals, developers, and system administrators. Its comprehensive features and intuitive design make it a versatile tool for managing various hosting environments. Plesk Obsidian, the latest version, is available on our VPS hosting services.

What can I do with Plesk?

Plesk lets you manage your VPS web hosting, whether it’s your domains, databases, etc. Plesk offers a comprehensive array of options and tools to streamline your management tasks.

Plesk is characterised by the possibility of basic management of web space, mail and FTP accounts as well as the option of automatic system updates and more extensions.

How do I get started with Plesk?

Plesk is an optional add-on on all our VPS hosting packages. With its biggest appeal being how user-friendly and intuitive it is, you can rest assured it’s easy to get started with it once you have selected it as an add-on. 

In just a few clicks, you can configure all important tasks and areas of your server with Plesk. The intuitive web interface helps you to always keep an overview on all the pages you have hosted on a VPS.