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What is Ubivox?

Get your email marketing right the first time with Ubivox.

Ubivox is an email marketing tool used for designing and writing professional newsletters and emails. It is an online tool which means you don’t need to install any software onto your computer, because you can access it from any internet browser, with an internet connection. As well as handling the design aspects, Ubivox also allows you to monitor your statistics so that you can learn more about your audience.


Brief Summary


Ubivox is an add-on that helps you create and send newsletters to your customers and manage email campaigns.

How does Ubivox work?

Ubivox has everything you need for your email marketing services on one platform. This means you can view statistics, generate automated emails, create an email newsletter, and manufacture your own designs using a simple drag-and-drop system. The tool is built for both novice and advanced users. You do not need any coding knowledge; however, advanced users that want to do their own coding, can. You’ll be familiar with the drag-and-drop editing tool if you’re already using our Website Builder.

To get started, you will need an audience. If you have a list of contacts already, you can import it into Ubivox. You can also use the tool to create a sign-up form on your website so that visitors can opt-in to receive email updates.

Top tip

Categorise your users to make your email campaigns as relevant and personalised as possible—for example, separate existing customers from prospective buyers. You’ll avoid spamming your users which could lead to a surge in un-subscribers. Once a list of subscribers is in place, you can start creating, scheduling and sending your emails.

When you begin, you are provided with a standard template for inspiration. From then, you can edit, copy, remove, or move anything on the screen. If you’d like to add content, you can simply drag the elements onto the page. You also have the option to select templates or request your own design which aligns with your company branding. All templates are professionally designed and mobile-friendly.

Now, what use is an email marketing tool if you can’t track its effectiveness? Ubivox seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics providing real-time insights into how many people have opened and clicked on your email.

What are Ubivox features?

  • Visual editor
    • Easily design a newsletter
    • Drag-and-drop every element
    • No need for coding
    • Fully responsive with all major email programs (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.)

  • Flexible templates
    • Choose a template and edit the design
    • Or have one custom made for you
    • There is a HTML editor if you would like to code yourself

  • Built-in image editing
    • Save time when working on images
    • Upload multiple images quickly
    • Edit your image by cropping and adjusting the size accordingly

  • Email automation
    • Prepare your newsletters when it suits you
    • Schedule your email to be sent when people are the most receptive to your message

  • Manage contacts
    • Gain more success by directing your messages to the right target groups

  • Statistics
    • See how many customers have read and clicked your content
    • Check which links were the most popular
    • Check what time of day it was read
    • Check how many emails bounced back
    • Check how many readers have un-subscribed
    • Check which devices were used to read your email newsletter

And much more! Ubivox really allows you to understand your target audience.

Why use Ubivox for email marketing?

We recommend using Ubivox as it is one of the easiest-to-use yet effective email marketing tools. By using Ubivox, you have the opportunity to gain more success with your newsletters by directing your messages to the right target group. With Ubivox statistics, you can target the right gender, age, interests and more.

Ubivox’s newsletter and email marketing solution features everything you need to run successful, high-quality email campaigns as well as tools to manage your database.

Is Ubivox secure?

Yes. All communications within the Ubivox platform are encrypted using SSL, HTTPS and SSH. Ubivox has also implemented features such as automatic blocking of the account if there are too many incorrect login attempts, and two-factor authentication.

How much does Ubivox cost?

Your monthly subscription is based on the number of contacts in your database. We suggest starting small and upgrading as your audience grows. Unlike other email marketing tools, Ubivox doesn’t cap the number of newsletters you can send during the subscription period. So, go ahead, send as many emails as you’d like to your database!

We know, it may be tempting to make use of a free marketing software such as MailChimp. However, it’s important to bear in mind that such tools come with disadvantages. For example:

  • Their advertisements on your email newsletter
  • Limited amount of email sends
  • No local language support via email, chat or phone
  • A limited number of account users
  • No A/B testing
  • A limited number of audiences
  • Hidden costs

How to install Ubivox?

You can install Ubivox by using the button at the bottom of this page. If you’re a one.com customer, you can also install Ubivox via your Control Panel.

What do I do after installing Ubivox?

Once you have installed Ubivox, it’s time to get started! Begin by exploring the tool and playing with your new online software. Test it out by creating a mock email design and quickly see how easy it is to use.

If you still need help or have any questions, our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.