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Get MariaDB, PHP and phpMyAdmin on your own domain

Having your domain hosted at one.com lets you use PHP and a MariaDB (MySQL) database. Moreover you can easily manage your database through phpMyAdmin. one.com's Linux servers are the ideal place to host your database-supported websites if you require reliability, stability and performance at a competitive price.

A web space at one.com provides access to, among other things, the following elements:

MariaDB (MySQL)-database

MariaDB - a relational database

A database is a way in which to store information, which ensures that the information can be quickly retrieved and used where it is needed. Unlike information that is written on, e.g. a piece of paper or typed into a text file, a database saves the information in tables so each individual entry can be quickly retrieved in a systematic and precise way.

A database comprises one or more database tables, each of which contains a number of cells that are divided into columns and horizontal rows, much like in the same way as a spreadsheet. A database table is also called a relation, the rows are called the table's body and MariaDB is a so-called relational database.

MariaDB at one.com

One MariaDB database is always part of the web space package at one.com. The MariaDB database is designed so that it can be easily used by many different applications at the same time. For example, this means that you can use a CMS (Content Management System), a blog or an open source, PHP-based gallery simultaneously on one and the same web space.

A MariaDB database is typically used together with a website. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the database language that is used to communicate with the database. Moreover, it is also the most popular existing database language. A MariaDB database is a well-tested, high-performing and secure way in which to store information.

PHP and MariaDB - a strong duo

The web programming language, PHP, and the database language, SQL, are a pair of powerful and versatile tools, which when combined seriously show their strength.

The content of a website, which is programmed with PHP, will typically be stored in a MariaDB database. The database will be attached to the web space and domain where the website is located and together, PHP and MariaDB will be able to run an almost endlessly large selection of scripts and web applications that are made freely available on the Internet.

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Many possibilities with MariaDB

MariaDB is open source and this means that the program can be used for free. Besides the fact that the costs of MariaDB hosting can generally be kept at a relatively low level, it also has the advantage that it is well-documented with good possibilities of finding help online if, as a user, you need help to solve a problem or just need creative inspiration.

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CMS the easy way

Some of the most popular application possibilities for MariaDB databases is the so-called "Content Management Systems", which are normally just called a CMS.

A CMS is a publication system with a graphic user interface that makes it possible to publish and manage large volumes of content on a website. A CMS often uses a MariaDB database but without you needing to program or work directly in the website source code, much less write enquiries to the database. In so doing, the content of all publications can have a professional result.

At one.com you can, for example, use TYP0 3, CMS Made Simple or Joomla CMS. A blog system is fundamentally also a CMS and stores the content of the blog posts and comments in the MariaDB database.

To begin using CMS you simply download the installation files from the provider's website and upload them to your web space via FTP. There are differences to the procedures with the various CMS systems, but you typically enter your database username and password in a configuration file, after which you can begin placing content on your website. It is easy to get working with CMS.

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PhpMyAdmin and MariaDB

Great abilities are rarely needed to manage a database-supported website when based on MariaDB and PHP. one.com makes the open source administration tool, phpMyAdmin, available to all clients and the program's intuitive, graphic interface makes it easy to manage the web space's database. For example, in phpMyAdmin you can export individual tables or make a backup copy of the entire database.

While installing a gallery, a discussion board or a CMS, you normally do not need to access the database directly. The setup and creation of tables and the like is all automated. But phpMyAdmin is also a possibility that can prove useful in some circumstances. Due to performance reasons, it can well be an advantage to limit the size of a database, but there are no separate upper limits to the size of a database at one.com. The extent is only determined by the size of the web space and if you experience problems with space, it is easy to upgrade to a larger web space.

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