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Publish your files with FTP or File Manager

With FTP you can easily transfer your files to your web space at one.com. You can use all available FTP clients, and with File Manager from one.com you don't even need to install a program before you can start uploading and downloading.

A web space with FTP at one.com includes, among other things, the following:

Upload and download to your web space
Support for all FTP clients
Compatibility with all operating systems
File Manager

What is FTP?

FTP is a method for transferring files between a personal computer (client) and a web server via the Internet. FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol is a set of standards and rules that regulates the communication between computers on a network. FTP is generally used to upload files and publish websites from a local computer to a webspace.

Here you can read more about the technical aspects of FTP: File Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia

FTP client and webserver

Most people connect to their web space over FTP using an FTP program, also called a FTP client. Some of the most popular FTP clients are FileZilla, CuteFTP and FlashFXP. Some FTP programs are free, while others offer trial versions that can be used for a limited period. Another possibility is to connect directly from Windows. In this way you can use FTP without an actual program. No matter what Windows version you are using, the content of your webspace will be presented in exactly the same way as you view the files on your own harddisk in Windows Explorer.

A newly created web space at one.com is always empty. That is why you will see the one.com logo with a link to www.one.com when you type in your domain name in an internet browser. If your domain has been transferred to one.com, you need to connect to your webspace with FTP and upload your existing website to make it visible on your domain with one.com.

In case you want to use a CMS you will also have to upload the necessary installation files over FTP. It is also required to place a so-called index file in the root of your web space. The name of the index file should always be spelled in lower-case letters for example "index.html". At one.com the index file must be placed in the root folder, that is the folder at the top of the hierarchy of folders in the web space. Normally this is the first folder you will see when you connect with FTP.

Here you can download the free FTP client FileZilla: Download FileZilla

File Manager - file access from everywhere

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of FTP is that it gives you the possibility to quickly connect to your webhotel. However, FTP-access requires you to have the necessary rights on the network to connect through the firewall - if there is one - and to install a FTP client on the computer you are working on. This could cause a problem if you are using a computer at your workplace or a public computer at a library or Internet cafe.

Since File Manager is a completely web based application it does not require installation or special rights on the network before you can use it. Therefore it can be a useful addition to, or replacement for an FTP program. File Manager is included with every web space at one.com. In order to use File Manager simply open your browser and log on to the Control Panel of your web space, where you can open File Manager. From there you can upload and download files as well as create pages and folders on your web space. However File Manager has the limitation that you can only upload one file at a time.

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