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Ad-free webmail with lots of space

Webmail is the ideal solution if you want to get the maximum out of your time. With webmail you are available to your network and have unlimited access to your mail wherever you are.

Check your webmail anywhere

Webmail allows you to access your mail from any computer with Internet and a standard Web browser, for example Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Check your mail at work, on vacation or anywhere you are - without installing a mail program on your computer.

Ad-free email with lots of space

The most common way to read emails is by using an email program such as Mozilla Thunderbird, OSX Mail or Microsoft Outlook. Accessing mail from other computers than your own can be useful in countless situations.

Online calendar

Webmail at one.com also gives you an electronic calendar that is always available to you via the Internet, stored securely and covered by daily backup. The calendar provides you with easy access to create appointments and schedule your day.

Webmail with built-in address book

Using the built-in address book, you are sure to always have your contacts within range. With email addresses, phone numbers and addresses collected in the webmail, you can always get the contact information you need - wherever you are.