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DNS management

Our more than ${numberOfCustomers} customers have very different requirements on their web host. Not everyone needs DNS management, but we think that all customers should be offered this option, and for advanced users it may be a very useful tool. DNS control gives you full control over your domains and mail settings and thus additional advantages in having your own domain with one.com.

DNS - Domain Name System

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is a protocol which means a standard that controls and enables communication and data transfer between computers. DNS management is mainly used to redirect a domain. This means automatically direct all visitors from a domain on to another domain. With mail DNS you can set email addresses to use alternative mail servers. one.com is using Anycast DNS.

Forward your domain

Forwarding a domain can be useful for example if you bought three variants of the same domain with the extensions .com, .net and .org and you want them to show the same content without having to maintain three websites. A domain can be forwarded to another server, IP address, a domain or subdomain.