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Why should I register a .at domain?

The well-known .at domain extension is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Austria.

Since 1988 it has been possible to register a .at domain. There are no restrictions if you want to register a .at domain name which can be a good idea if you’re looking to target an Austrian audience.

The longevity of the domain has given .at an excellent reputation, which is rewarded both by the major search engines like Google, and also by the many Internet users.

When you buy and register a .at domain you will demonstrate a cultural and economic connection to the Austrian region and people. That will be good for your business, since registering a language-specific website with a country-code domain will make your website rank well in local search results not only in Austria but also in countries like Germany and Switzerland.

Remember to take into account that many consumers will prefer local sites when they are looking for their next purchase.

Register .at domain name on one.com

Anyone can use a .at domain name, so if you want to target your sales activities to an Austrian audience, register a .at domain name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a .at domain?

A language-specific website with a .at domain extension will secure that your website will rank in local search. So, if you are going after the Austrian market, a .at domain extension is a clear indication of your target.

What do I do if the website name I want is taken?

You can of course always choose a different domain name. Try checking other similar domain names with the same TLD. If you have found the only domain name that works for you then you need to find the current registrant and ask if they are willing to sell it.

Is it easy to transfer my domain to one.com?

To transfer your .at domain to us is very simple. Just let us help you with the transfer. We’ll take care of everything. At one.com you can always set up domain forwarding which makes it easy to redirect traffic from one domain to another.