Address Book

An online address book brings all your contacts together in one place. They are not lost even if you are unfortunate to lose your phone or your computer. Create an overview of your network, and manage your contacts safely and easily with an address book at The Address Book is integrated with your email and calendar, so you have the best possible opportunities for managing your time and communicating with your contacts.

Integrated address book, calendar and mail

Just like a calendar or an address book, email has become an indispensable tool for time management. has combined email, calendar and address book in an advanced and easy-to-use webmail. The webmail that is available to all our customers is much more than just being able to read email in a web browser. Webmail with is a user-friendly tool for effective use of time in a busy world.

Safe and available

Your data is stored in the safest possible way, protected by automatic backup. To maximize security, the webmail is encrypted. This means that no one can intercept confidential information from your account.

Keep track of your contacts

The address book helps you keep track of your network contacts in a simple way to keep all your contacts within your reach. All you need is an internet connection to access your own personal directory. That way you will always be able to easily find the up-to-date contact information whenever you need it.

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