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Your website has just become faster with SSD storage

After many months of work, all customers’ static data hosted by one.com has been migrated to new infrastructure, relying on SSD storage for all persistent data. For many sites, this means faster page load times, better user experience and higher search engine rankings.  

Previously, we only stored frequently used files on SSDs, while other types of persistent and dynamic data stayed on more traditional HDD drives. The new SSD technology is significantly more energy-efficient, sustainable and reliable. However, it’s a costly investment, especially considering the millions of websites and email accounts hosted with us.  

An SSD drive can be 3-4 times faster than HDD, more compact and durable, which is why it’s often used in laptops. In the world of web hosting, having all – and not just “warm” – data on SSD often means a significant performance boost. And because web page load times are important for SEO, better performance can also give you a leg up in search engine rankings. The actual impact varies depending on the number and size of files the technology used to build the site and other factors.  

We are proud to have reached this milestone of moving all our customers’ data to a superior technological solution that also makes the world a greener place. In 2020 and beyond, we stay committed to SSD technology as part of continued infrastructural investment. 

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