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Special characters in Danish and Swedish – now supported in .se, .nu, .dk

As a leading provider of domain registration services in Scandinavia, we now support special characters like å ü and ø in country-code domain extensions .se, .dk and .nu. Anyone can secure their exact name or brand and register domains with valuable keywords for SEO optimisation.

The internet’s address book – the DNS – is not really built for special characters, so web addresses struggle with super-script marks. Workarounds do exist, and some top-level domains offer limited support for special characters, making it possible to register addresses like Lærke.dk. You can read about such IDNs, internationalized domain names in our knowledge base.

With special characters in both Danish and Swedish alphabets, we want to offer our customers the domains they need and want. Now, whether you’re a Jørgensen or a Jönsson building a family website, or a business offering “tjänster” (services, SE), or a community on the isle of Ærø – you have a greater chance of being found online and remembered by site visitors. IDN domains do stand out and can be effectively used for optimising SEO rankings in Google.

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