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AI-powered communication: explore our new tools

For users who are short on time or feel they lack the language skills required to comfortably put together polished, professional text, one.com’s new AI Writing Assistant tools are a game-changer. Built on OpenAI’s platform, our Writing Assistants are embedded into both our Webmail application and our onboarding platform. With just a few simple inputs, users can generate complete drafts that are nearly ready for sending or publication.

This innovative feature is available in 10 languages, mirroring the language options available across our website and our products. These writing tools also ensure user privacy by seeking consent for OpenAI’s terms and conditions during the first use. 

Our Writing Assistant tools are designed to be as easy to use as possible. In the Website Builder editor, users see a button clearly labelled as “Help me write” when clicking on any text field. Clicking this button opens a dialogue that generates unique texts based on either a preset theme or any topic of the user’s choice.  

The text can then be easily copied or inserted into a selected text component. The browser stores 10 most recent generated texts, so you can easily go back to a previous suggestion under “Previously created texts” even after closing the dialogue box.

The tool functions similarly on our Webmail. Simply opt for “Writing Assistant” when preparing your email, provide your input in the prompt, and watch as the tool provides you with suggested drafts that can be easily edited and personalised to suit your needs.  

Whether our users need to craft optimised text for a new website, or seek support to refine their professional emails, our Writing Assistant tools streamline their writing process by offering diverse suggestions. At one.com, we always embrace the latest technology.

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