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Online Shop is now replaced with Website Builder Business + E-commerce

To help small businesses expand their online presence, we’re presenting a Business + E-commerce plan. It offers the full offerings of the Website Builder and Online Shop combined.  

Small business owners can now promote their products without having to go through the lengths of creating a complete web shop with full offering. It’s perfect for giving a product teaser to your customers and displaying your best offering while attracting customers to your physical shop. It works with a simple drag-and-drop function. The new plan allows you to promote your physical store or business without much effort. 

New features 

A hover box and text fading will allow you to customise your website more than before. GDPR compliance is a must, and you can now add a cookie banner to your websites. More features will be added throughout the year, including opening hours of your shop, and a Google My Business integration.  

Keeping all Online Shop features 

The new Business + E-commerce plan will keep all the existing Online Shop features, including: 

New price for Online Shop customers 

This also means that the product known as Online Shop will no longer be offered. Online Shop customers will be migrated to the Website Builder Business + E-commerce plan. The new plan has a slightly higher fee than the previous Online Shop offering, which will be presented in the new invoice.  

Website Builder customers can easily upgrade to the new plan from the Control Panel or directly from the Website Builder workspace.  

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