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Adding more domain extensions: Choose over 380 top-level domain extensions

In the last yearwe’ve added over a hundred more top-level domains to its roster, providing many more choice and variety to our shoppers. The latest additions are: .as, .gg and .je.  

The domain extensions are country codes for various geographies. For .as, it’s American Samoa, while the other two stand for UK Channel Isles of Guernsey and Jersey.  

The new domain extensions can be used in many ways. Be creative. For example, .as domains are popular among businesses in Denmark and Norway (“A/S” being the local denomination for a joint stock company). At the same time, “je” is French for “I” so it’s a great way to name a personal website like the English .me or .life. The .gg extension is a hit within the global gaming community as it stands for “good game”.  

In 2021, we’ll continue to expand our domain offering with more exciting top-level domains. Stay tuned!  

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