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A personal domain is an advantageous choice

Your own domain gives you many advantages. Buy domain name and be visibly present online with a website on your own domain. Get your own email addresses with virus- and spam filter. On top of this, your own domain gives you the opportunity of having your own blog and a gallery for videos and photos.

Finding the right domain

Here at the website, you can find useful information on how to choose the ideal domain name. Use the domain name search tool on the front page of to check if the domain you wish to buy is available. Use our service to get a quick domain registration. If you cannot get the domain name you want, please let us advise you on finding alternative domain names that suit your needs.

We are here to help is ready to guide you in the process of choosing a domain name, ordering a web space and publishing your homepage to your web space. Most top level domain names (TLD's) can be registered by anyone. However, registration of some TLD's requires that you have a specific country of residence. You can find further information about domain registration and domain activation in our FAQ. Feel free to contact our chat support if you have any questions regarding domain hosting with web space and email at

Selecting a top domain

Domains can have different suffixes. Each top level domain name (TLD) has got its own suffix and when it comes to domain hosting at, you can choose among a wide range of the most popular top level domains. For example, you may select a UK domain name if you want to attract visitors from the United Kingdom. In case you expect international visitors to a commercial website on your domain or if your favorite domain name has been taken, it may be a good idea to consider .com. Furthermore, for a site with internet related content you should consider a .net domain. These are only a few examples.

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