How to make domain registration easy

When new to websites it is not unusual to feel a bit insecure about domain registration. Common questions include: "Will my website have a domain name when I sign up with a web host?" and "If my website doesn't have a name, where and how do I get it?"

Registration and hosting as separate issues

Arranging for someone to host a website and organising domain registration can be separate issues for some web hosting providers and certain domains. Registration companies may provide a distinct service from web hosts. You may therefore have to make two transactions: one with a web host and another with a domain registration company. This is inconvenient. You may also experience delays while the web host waits for details of the domain name to come through. Furthermore, you must remember to renew the name once a year.

The easier option gives you an easier option. First of all, provides a straightforward search tool to check for available domain names. You can use this service at any time. You can even find your domain name before you arrange your hosting package. A hosting solution with includes everything you need: A Website Builder to make it easy to design your homepage, a user-friendly blog system with templates and a stylish gallery for videos and photos.

Next, handles the domain registration process on your behalf. You can relax knowing that with you're in the hands of a professional, efficient service.

To secure the renewal of your domain, we send you a new subscription invoice in good time. Since the greatest possible flexibility regarding your choice of webhosting and your domain's safety are high priorities for, we always send out a renewal invoice 60 days before the payment period expires.