Domain Expiration Policy

Generic Top Level domains and .uk / / / domain names renews the registration of a domain name prior to its expiration, provided that the registrant of the domain complies with’s terms of payment.

Domain expiration notification

Prior to the expiration of a gTLD, notifies the registrant of the domain twice with instructions for renewing the domain name. The first notice is sent via email approximately one month prior to expiration. The second notice is sent via email approximately one week prior to expiration.

Post-expiration notification

If a domain registration is not renewed by the registrant, then within five days after the expiration, sends an additional expiration notice to the registrant of the domain with instructions for restoring the domain name.

Expiration notification content sends the notifications of expiration via email to the domain registrant in the language of the registration agreement. All relevant details regarding expiration date, domain renewal and recommended action, are clearly available by simply opening the notification email.

Redemption grace period offers a redemption grace period of 30 days after the expiration of a gTLD. During the redemption grace period, DNS is disabled for the domain and the domain cannot be transferred. may restore the domain on request by the registrant of the domain during the redemption grace period. The fee to restore the domain is indicated in the price list.

This Domain Expiration Policy sets out’s Expired Registration Recovery Procedure (ERRP) for gTLDs as requested by ICANN and for .uk/ domain names. Different domain expiration policies may apply to other TLDs.

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