Bix brings all your files together

Bix is a new way of storing, editing and sharing files. Bix lets you access all your music, photos, documents and other files from any computer with an Internet connection - and even from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Bix syncs your files automatically, keeps a backup of your data and maintains the highest level of safety.

For example, Bix provides access to the following elements:

Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
Mobile access and file sharing
Bix application for Windows
Bix application for Mac OS X
File Manager
Sync and online backup
256 bit encryption

Access your files Anytime, Anywhere

Bix brings all your files together in one place, across platforms and devices. Instead of having your data scattered over multiple devices, Bix collects all your important files in one place where they always are safely stored and accessible from your computer, your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

As a customer at, you can enjoy all the advantages of Bix. Bix is included in all our web hosting packages and is easily accessible via the web space Control Panel. We have made a guide that will walk you through creating your first Bix user.

Read more: Creating a Bix user

Stream Music to your Mobile Phone

With the Bix apps you can stream your entire music collection to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone. This means that wherever you are, you always have your favorite music and videos at your fingertips.

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Bix apps let you stream and play songs by album or by artist. All the popular audio formats, movie and photo extensions are supported by Bix, and all recent versions of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones can be used with Bix.

The Bix apps can manage your photos, texts and other files too. It allows you to read and edit documents on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Thanks to real-time synchronization, all your changes are saved - not just on the phone - but also in Bix.

Read more: This page features a list of supported media file formats.

To get the most out of Bix, we recommend that you install Bix on your computer and your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. You can download Bix apps for iPhone and iPad from Apple's App Store and the Android app from Google Play.

Read more: Download the Bix app from Google Play

Share files and folders Easily and Securely

Bix makes it easy and safe to share all kinds of data with others, without the use of USB sticks or the like. In Bix you simply create a sharable link, which you can give to those you want to share some folder, files or some pictures with. For example, you can send the sharable link via email. By clicking on the link, the recipient can access all the data you have chosen to share. It is up to you to decide how long time the link should be active.

Bix application for Windows

In the web space Control Panel you create a Bix user and download the Bix application for Windows. When you have installed the application and open it for the first time, you select which folders to synchronize/back up. Then the program takes care of the rest.

There is no limit to how many folders or how large amounts of data that can be synchronized and backed up with Bix. There are no restrictions other than the size of your web space. It is even possible to configure multiple drives from a single computer, with each drive containing different shared folders.

Online Backup

Bix can automatically synchronize your local data. This way you have a copy of your data that is kept constantly updated and serves as an online backup. The latest version of your files is always available wherever you first saved it. Your data is stored securely, whether your computer crashes or you lose your mobile phone.

Bix features version control. Version control keeps track of different versions of your files. This means that you do not have to worry about from what device you most recently edited a file. Bix lets you recover data even if you have changed or deleted it. As a rule, data can be restored up to 720 days back in time, but you can also choose to store all historical data.

Bix overview with File Manager File Manager is a tool for managing your Bix resources. In File Manager you can create folders, upload data and create resources to share with others. File Manager gives you an overview of the drives and folders you have on your domain. The tool is available directly via your Internet browser, and you can log on from any computer with an Internet connection.

Read more: You can log into File Manager here

Data Replication and Encryption

All data at is stored in replicated data centers, meaning that everything is stored in at least two copies in separate physical locations.

All data is encrypted before it is placed in Bix. Data is server-side encrypted with an AES-CBC 128-bit encryption key. With server-side encryption, you have great flexibility because besides having access to your private data from your computer(s), Android phone or iPhone/iPad you also can access all your data via any browser.

Furthermore, you can select that data should be client-side encrypted. This means that in addition to the server-side encryption, another encryption will take place on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phone. However, client-side encryption will not encrypt the files' metadata on the client. Metadata is all the information about the actual file, such as file name and size.

As a rule, we do not recommend client-side encryption. The reason is that if you as a user forget your encryption key, the key can not be reconstructed. Thus, the data placed in Bix will be unusable. Client-side Encryption uses AES-256. is the first company in the world to develop a real-time sync solution with a built-in client-side encryption. All exchange of data between clients and Bix is done via secure connections, and access on mobile devices is protected by passwords and passphrases.

Read more: Cloud Computing - Wikipedia


Bix is built around an open standard. It means that, as a user, you can access Bix through third party applications that support the WebDAV protocol.

Using a product that is built around a known open standard means that you have great flexibility and can choose among several alternative methods of accessing your files. You can use Apps, you can use third party applications, or you can choose to build your own apps to access your data exactly the way you wish.

If you choose to encrypt your drive client-side, it will only be available via apps that are developed by

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