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New domains, WordPress 1-click and Exchange Active Sync

Written Apr 8, 2014 Category: Domain - Web Hosting

Add-on Domains now available

Many customers have requested the possibility to add extra domains to their web space. With the introduction of add-on domains, this is now possible.

Grab attention with a unique new Top Level Domain

A wide range of new top level domains has just become available for registration and a lot more will follow soon. Why not register the most sought after .land, .email, .tips, .today or .guru domain for you or your business today?

Save money with add-on domains

Add-on domains have no setup fee and come without additional disk space. They share the disk space of your other domain(s). The cost of the add-on domain is only about 50% of our smallest web hosting package plus the annual domain fee. Order add-on domains from your control panel.

1-click WordPress at

We've recently launched the WordPress 1-click installer in your control panel. We made it simple. With our 1-click WordPress installer, your website or blog is automatically updated and you are always running the latest version of WordPress. You'll have a site that's secure, up to date and runs like a dream.

Ensure security with SSL and SSH

We're proud to announce that we've made SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SSH (Secure Shell) available to all customers at no additional cost. SSL encrypts data traffic between your website and its visitors. SSH is an advanced secure feature that gives you direct access to your web space files via Terminal, SFTP or third party programs.

Get easily organized with Exchange Active Sync (EAS)

We've launched EAS (Exchange Active Sync) in beta. EAS is a protocol that lets you synchronize email, calendar and contacts between your mobile phone, tablets and a messaging server. Simply enter your email and password on your smartphone and you are up and running.