Get a photo and video Gallery on your own Domain

Create a web space for your domain at and acquire your own gallery automatically

A safe place for your pictures and videos

A gallery on the Internet provides a lot of applications. Not only can an online gallery supplement the picture and video archives you have on your home hard drive or the traditional photo prints. By placing your digital pictures and videos in a gallery with, the files will be automatically protected by the safety precautions and backup procedures that cover all photo hosting data in's data centres.

Share your pictures on your domain

The Gallery gives you the opportunity of photo sharing. Invite your family and friends to watch the pictures and videos in your albums. Upload photos and videos from your computer to your online albums and share them with your closest friends or maybe all the world around you. Gallery from is equipped with a line of easy-to-use features that make it possible for you to customize a privacy level for the pictures. You can adjust the level for every single picture in the gallery, deciding who should be able to see it.

Organize your photos easily

It is easy to organize your photos in different photo albums and naming them for example "Wedding" or "Summer holiday 2011" to keep an overview of the pictures. By categorizing the photographs, it is easy to find a specific photo in the gallery when you need it.

Embed image albums from your gallery

An effective way to share your images on other websites and blogs is to embed them. To make online photo sharing easy, every album in Gallery has got a so-called embed code that can be inserted in e.g. a blog or a website made with's Website Builder. The embed code is generated automatically by the gallery and, when inserted on a web page, it will display the content of a photo album as a slideshow.