Make the right web hosting decision

The wrong decision

If you've ever had a web host who's let you down, you'll know the importance of making the right web hosting decision.

You may have had difficulty uploading your newly created website to the Internet. You may have endured frequent downtime for the site, preventing you or anyone else visiting it. You may have experienced slow and frustrating response times. Or perhaps you've had trouble setting up a website.

Unfortunately, the list of common web hosting problems goes beyond websites. You may have suffered faults with email accounts and lost stored messages. You may also have found that you've suddenly run out of web space.

In response to these problems, you may have tried to contact the web hosting provider. The support may have been patchy and unprofessional. In some instances, you may not even have had a reply.

The right decision

This list of issues is not an attempt at scaremongering. Many blogs and forums where users discuss web hosting contain such complaints.

This is why you need to make the right decision. is a great choice because it has an enviable reputation. The fact that it has more than 1,000,000 customers in 149 countries speaks for itself. People trust to provide a first class service.'s awards from the IT industry also confirm its status.

With so many providers out there, making the right web hosting decision can seem daunting. You want a reliable, secure service. supplies this.