What a hosting company should give you

Technical data

A hosting company should be easy to understand, and the technical product details should be clear and plain. You must be able to see at a glance what you're getting and what the company will do for you. This is why we have laid out the basic technical details of the One.com hosting service in a simple table on our home page.

Hosting is a matter of trust

Many visitors look for more than technical data, however. You want to know you can trust a hosting company to give you a secure, reliable service. The first thing to do when checking whether you can have confidence in a hosting provider is to look carefully at it´s website. The provided information should be consistent and clear. The site should be easy to use and it should answer your questions. Furthermore the site should contain the company's contact information.

Explore the One.com website

One.com has been in the market since 2002 and is trusted by more then 1,000,000 webspace customers all over the world. For further information please click the support page link and you have access to a wide range of guides that cover hosting issues from creating an email account to PHP configuration.

The support page is also where you contact the One.com mail support. For urgent matters, click the Live Chat logo to get instant answers to your questions 24/7. Finally, the Info page has comments from the IT industry about One.com's excellent hosting provision. This page also gives positive third party views on the company's expertise.

A simple, flexible and user-friendly product

These views support the One.com vision. We are a hosting provider that offers a simple, flexible and user-friendly product. Such a vision should reassure both new and experienced customers that One.com has developed its hosting service with our customers in mind.