Web Space with PHP, MariaDB, FTP, SSH and SFTP

Advanced webhosting with PHP, MariaDB (MySQL) and FTP

Hosting at One.com includes all the features expected of innovative web hosting - and much more. Publish files easily to your website via FTP, and use the popular scripting language PHP to develop sophisticated database supported web sites with MariaDB (MySQL).

Create sophisticated websites with PHP

PHP is the premier scripting language for dynamic websites for personal and professional use. For you to use PHP on your website, it is a requirement that your webhost supports PHP. As a customer of One.com you get a PHP and MariaDB (MySQL) hosting a solution that makes it possible to develop advanced and dynamic websites.

Publish your web pages over FTP

With FTP you can easily upload content to your website. All FTP clients can be used, and with the One.com File Manager you do not even need to install a program to transfer files between your computer and your web space. FTP means File Transfer Protocol and is the function that you use when you upload/publish files to a web space. A protocol is a set of rules and common standards that computers use to communicate with each other in networks. Each web space has one FTP account, which can be used unlimitedly.

Using CMS systems with PHP

A CMS system is a time- and resource-saving application of PHP. CMS is an abbreviation for "Content Management System," and aimed at handling content on websites. With a CMS you can update a website without writing code or programming. Using a PHP-based CMS does not require a great deal of experience. Some of the most popular CMS systems that are made with PHP are Joomla and Wordpress. Once installation of the CMS is implemented, such a system is usually quick and easy to use and update, no matter what level of technical experience you have. 1-click WordPress is an easy and secure way to install and use WordPress on your web space with One.com.

Fast and stable MariaDB (MySQL) database

All web hosting packages at One.com include MariaDB (MySQL), which is one of the fastest and most reliable databases available. The MariaDB (MySQL) database is an effective and safe way to store all the different information that a website should find when you need it. This might typically be articles for a news site, product numbers for a shop or posts you have written on your blog. MariaDB (MySQL) is open source software just like PHP, i.e. the software is freely available. Thus, MariaDB (MySQL) hosting also makes for an affordable hosting solution.

User-friendly database administration with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is an open source tool designed to manage MariaDB (MySQL) databases and is part of a hosting solution at One.com. The intuitive web interface of phpMyAdmin gives you an easy access to manage your MariaDB (MySQL) database. This means that it is not necessary to write database queries to create a table in the database. From phpMyAdmin it is also possible to import and export database content. Like many other open source-based solutions phpMyAdmin is well documented and it's easy to find helpful resources and inspiration on the Internet.

Increased versatility and security with SSH and SFTP

With SSH, you have direct access to your files and can execute commands on your One.com web space via Terminal or third party programs. You access the web server itself and can perform operations such as editing, moving, renaming and deleting files and database management (MariaDB).

SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol used to encrypt data exchanged between the user and the server. It gives you increased security in communication with your files on your One.com web space.

SSH also allows you to access your web space via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). SFTP is a secure way to transfer data to and from your web space while preventing unauthorized access to your communications.

You can read more about using SSH and SFTP in our guides and FAQs.