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Host your website on our eco-friendly, green hosting

The internet makes our lives a lot easier. As a business, you can grow faster and easier by creating your own website. Yet the internet has a downside too; it can have a huge ecological footprint. For example, a typical data centre consumes 10 to 50 times more energy per floor space than a typical office building. At one.com, we think it’s important to be environmentally conscious and run our data centres on green energy. We are happy to tell you more about it.

What is green energy?

Green energy is electricity generated in an environmentally friendly way. It uses renewable and green sources, such as wind, sun, water or heat. Through windmills, solar panels, hydropower plants and burning biomass, little to no carbon dioxide (CO2) is released. And that is less damaging to the environment than energy derived from fossil sources, also known as ‘grey energy’.

What is green hosting?

Green website hosting is hosting a site in an eco-friendly way. Green hosting providers minimise their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy consumed by data centres, and sourcing the energy from green power suppliers.

Why is green hosting important?

Data centres consist of powerful computers with continuously high CPU (processor) and disk usage, which generates a lot of heat. To lower the temperature, they need a massive cooling system. Both the servers themselves and their cooling systems require a lot of power, which can significantly impact the environment.

To compensate for the high energy consumption, we at one.com continuously work on reducing the energy footprint and on sourcing our energy in an environmentally conscious way. This is why we choose to use green power and offer green website hosting to customers.

What are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint?

To make a positive impact in a significant and meaningful way, we reduce the ecological footprint of our servers. We do this in the following methods.

1. We use green energy sources

Our Danish data centres run entirely on wind power, and all other European data centres also use green energy confirmed by Guarantee of Origin certificates from our suppliers.

2. We reduce our power consumption

We are continuously working to reduce our power consumption. For example, our data centre team optimises the server rooms’ cooling systems and hardware settings. In addition, our own configuration allows us to have server densities at least 3 times higher than mass hosting platforms powered by popular web applications like cPanel or Plesk. As a result, the power consumption per customer decreases significantly over time.

3. We optimise our data centre network

We are working to consolidate the data centres we operate. The aim is to use power more efficiently, make maintenance easier and thus reduce our carbon footprint. In the past 12 months alone, group.ONE has said goodbye to 7 old data centres.

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Do your bit and choose the eco-friendly, green web hosting from green web host one.com!

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