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Website with your own Domain, Blog and Gallery

With One.com you get the opportunity to create a unique website on your own domain. Generally, a website is made of text and images, but why not exploit the options to create your own blog or share your pictures and videos in an online gallery? Take advantage of our help and support whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, all year round. Ask our chat support or send us an email and get instant assistance and answers to your questions.

For example, a website at One.com provides access to the following elements:

Your own domain
Photo and video Gallery
from 15 GB to 2 TB server space


A website consists of text and images, but very often it holds movie clips and audio clips besides a variety of scripts and animation features. With a "website" we usually mean the whole of pages, sub pages and sub domains associated with a domain name and located on a web space. However, a "website" can refer to different phenomena ranging from a single-page, static website written in HTML code only, to an advanced dynamic website with hundreds or thousands of sub pages, based on for example PHP and a MySQL database.

A website on your own domain

To be reached via the Internet a website has to be connected to an active domain, and the website content must be uploaded to a web space. Consequently, the first step towards having a website on your own domain is to select an appropriate domain name.

In the early days of the Internet it was unusual for private individuals to have their own websites. However, during the first four to five years of the new millennium, faster broadband connections gained wider distribution. The rates for web spaces, websites and domains started to drop to a level where a rapidly increasing number were able to join. Around that time, One.com (formerly B-one) began to sell domains and web spaces to business clients and private individuals.

Choosing the right domain name for your website

There are no definitive rules defining what a good or a bad domain name looks like. Fortunately people's preferences are all different, so there is room for the majority to find a suitable domain name. Certain domain names are subject to strong competition, not surprisingly due to the fact that all domain names are unique. There cannot exist two websites with the same address.

As a rule of thumb, a good domain name should be short. It should not be longer than 8-10 characters. Preferably the name should imprint itself in the memory and be easily remembered, so your visitors can find your website without any difficulty. The domain must match the products and solutions you are providing, if you are running a business website. Furthermore, the domain name should as far as possible reflect the values you want to represent.

Searching on Google can provide a good basis for deciding whether your desired name or related names have already been registered as for example a company or brand name. When you have found one or more appropriate names for your website, you should check if the domain name in question is actually available.

Whether a domain name is available is easily determined by a single mouse click after entering the name in the domain search tool on the front page of www.one.com. If the domain name is taken, you are suggested to register the name under an alternative top domain, which is with another domain suffix. Next, in just a few clicks you can order a web space for the domain at One.com.

Show film clips and pictures on your website

Why restrict your website to text only! Create life on the website with film clips, slide shows and Flash animations. With the One.com Gallery it has never been easier to share image albums on your own website or others'. All you need to do is to create an album in the gallery that comes with all web space solutions from One.com, and subsequently use the embed code that has been generated automatically. In One.com Web Editor you can easily and quickly embed photo albums and also movie clips on your website, for example from YouTube.

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A website that stays up-to-date

New web site technologies are evolving extremely fast on the Internet. Within just a single year all the leading trends and tendencies can be turned upside down. Fortunately, the domain name is the only permanent thing about a website. Everything else can be changed according to your needs and preferences. Even though you once have chosen a specific look for your website, you can always change the design fundamentally if you like.

In this matter it is worth noting that as something unique, all products and services from One.com have been developed internally within the company by One.com's own developers, just as operation and maintenance is taken care of by One.com too. For example this means that One.com has a very good basis for further developing the solutions associated with the web spaces, so that you as a customer with One.com always can keep your website up-to-date.

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