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Free traffic and AdWords for your website

Free traffic means that you can utilise the opportunities of the web space without limitations. With free traffic you can upload as many files as you want and have an endless number of visitors on your website without any worries about traffic consumption.

For example, a web space at One.com provides access to the following services:

Free traffic
Free Google AdWords

Traffic and bandwidth - bits and bytes

Traffic on the Internet is about transporting a certain amount of data across a specific distance. Like car traffic on streets and roads, the data traffic goes through various nerve centres where along the way the data is handled by various players who receive and pass on the information on the way to the destination.

All traffic on the Internet is measured in bytes, which is typically indicated in million bytes such as Megabytes (MB). The traffic - or traffic volume - indicates how much information has been transported from one place to another.

When we talk about traffic in connection with web spaces, traffic always includes the data that is transferred to and from the web space itself. For example, this includes what you, as the owner of the website, upload to the web space and likewise, the visitors' download of files. Moreover, sending and receiving mails is included in the consumption as well as the loading of websites including photos and video clips, etc. There can be big differences as to how much space two seemingly identical websites can take up as a great deal depends on whether you have remembered to compress image files to optimal size.

Traffic, speed and bandwidth

The volume of data that can be transferred at a time is indicated in bandwidth. The bandwidth is measured in bits per second and is normally specified in millions (Mbit/s). Thus, the bandwidth tells how large a volume of data can be transferred in a specific time period. For example, an Internet connection can be 5, 10 or 20 Mbit, which means that 5, 10 and 20 million bits per second, respectively, can be transported. In comparison, One.com has a bandwidth of 2x2 Gigabit (2x2 billion bit) for the servers and in general the total speed with which you can transfer data is determined by the slowest part.

For instance, when you send an email, a volume of data is sent to a mail server, which is a certain kind of computer on the Internet that is intended to handle electronic mail. From the mail server, the email is sent on; typically to a number of other mail servers before it reaches its destination and lands in the recipient's in-box. Visiting a website also causes an exchange of information that can be measured as traffic. The visited website sends an amount of data through the visitor's browser for example whenever a picture, a text paragraph or a movie clip is loaded.

Measuring traffic with a statistics program

To measure the traffic on a website, a statistics programme is used. A statistics programme registers every single click on images, links and other elements. A statistics programme also registers which websites the visitor has come from and which search engines and search strings have generated the traffic to the website.

Fixed traffic limit or unlimited traffic

Many web space providers set a limit to the amount of traffic a customer can have on his or her website. The traffic volume that exceeds the agreed limit will typically be charged separately. The reason for this limitation must be looked for in the fact that the traffic capacity on the Internet has been a highly demanded resource for many years, which in certain situations is also connected to shortage and the subsequent costs. At One.com however, there is free traffic, i.e. that separate payment for traffic consumption is never charged. When the low, fixed annual subscription is paid, there is access to unlimited traffic to the web space.

Hotlinking and embedding

Since traffic is a resource on which there is great demand, tremendous creativity is displayed with the intention of unauthorised acquisition of bandwidth. One of the widespread methods is so-called "hotlinking". Hotlinking is about borrowing content and thus traffic from an unfamiliar website by loading it through a link from your own website. By using a hotlink you do not burden your own web hosting provider's bandwidth because instead, the traffic volume is placed over onto the website that is hotlinked to. In the event of large files and many visitors, this can quickly become a very significant, unauthorised traffic load for the website concerned. At many web hosting providers, this form of misuse can lead to extra charges for traffic to the affected web space or a closure by the provider concerned.

However, hotlinking can be prevented and avoided with simple technical tricks, among other things by editing the file ".htaccess" on the web space. There is nothing wrong, per se, in linking to files on other people's websites. In fact it is a service that is offered by many companies. For example, if you want to show a long video clip on your website, it is normal to upload the video file to YouTube or the like and then embed the video clip on your website. In practice, this is done by inserting a so-called "embed code", which the video service provider makes available as a means of legitimate hotlinking.

Read more: Hotlinking - Wikipedia

Optimisation of traffic to your website

Many people ask themselves the question: How can I attract more visitors to and boost the traffic on my website? There can be many reasons, e.g. financial, because you want to earn more money from clicks on your advertisements. Or perhaps you just want to have more readers for your blog.

There is no simple answer to the question, nor is there any standard solution. The competition for visitors is tough, especially within the areas where strong financial incentives exist for search engine optimisation.

Generally, you could say that quality content is always a good starting point for popularity on the Internet. This could be in the form of content that is on the site itself or it could be a newsletter that is sent to subscribers. Content must have relevance in relation to the target group you want to attract. Moreover, the content should preferably be unique and be perceived as valuable by the target group if it is to contribute to more traffic.

Google AdWords

Half of the traffic to a website often comes from search engine results and it is beneficial to focus on getting other websites to link to yours. Links from quality sites will contribute to better placement in the search engines' results and thus also results in more traffic.

Additionally, various forms of marketing exist that you can use against payment. One of the options is Google Adwords. At One.com, all clients are offered a coupon to Google Adwords advertising.

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