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Share photos and videos in a Gallery on your domain

Gallery is a service from One.com, that lets you store and share your digital images and videos in albums on your own domain. Upload your images and videos fast and easy in high resolution and present them to your family and friends in your own personal gallery. We provide the possibilities and tools needed to make sure that you get exactly the result you want.

For example, One.com's Gallery provides access to the following services:

Storage of high resolution images and videos on your own domain
Photo sharing
Video sharing
Templates with user-configurable layout
Adjustment of access rights and privacy
Embedding video and photo albums in blogs and websites

Digital images and the need for more space

It has never been easier or cheaper to create your own images and videos and share them in a gallery on the Internet.

Gradually as digital cameras could be found in every home, a need for storing, presenting and sharing the many digital images emerged. With it came challenges that many different technologies have fought to supply the best solution for - already before actual photo galleries existed.

With the development of cameras with increasing resolution the digital images started to take up considerably more space than before. This increased the demand for more storage-friendly disk space. Even though the increasement of megapixels no longer is as significant, the need for more megabytes is still increasing. Many more pictures are taken than previously, and gradually as many people replace their old cameras with newer models with higher resolution, the image files are increasing in size.

Image storage - advantages and disadvantages

A lot of us have been sitting around burning tons of CD's and DVD's with digital images. The advantages with optical storage media were that they were cheap in comparison with hard drives. The durability is also decent even though we still don't know for sure how it performs in the long run. The optical disks have unfortunately often winded up gathering dust in drawers and closets in attics and basements. At worst they have been stolen or thrown out by accident. Another problem with the optical media is that they are receptable to scratches, sticky finger-marks and wear and tear. The optical media has generally proven not to be the perfect storage solution for digital images in the long run. This is where online photo galleries come in the picture.

Gallery on your domain

There are a lot of different services when it comes to online sharing of images and videos in galleries on the internet that are completely or partially free to use. Some of the most well known photo galleries are Flickr, Photobucket and Imageshack. However, if you want full flexibility and control over your own images, the advantages of having a gallery on your own domain are highly obvious.

A gallery on a personal domain name gives you greater flexibility, data security and performance stability than the photo galleries that are hosted on domains shared with others. Combined with the flexible options for sharing and displaying, having a gallery on your own domain also means that you maintain the full copyright to all your visual material. On the free galleries you do not necessarily keep the copyrights to your material. This is because the servers and hosts that provide the free galleries are often placed in obscured locations, in many cases these are legally grey areas that do not guarantee the safety of your photos.

With a gallery at One.com, you are in complete control of your photos and videos regardless if you are just sharing your photos and videos with family and friends - or maybe displaying them in a public gallery accessible to anyone on the Internet. Your videos and photos on One.com's servers remain your property and it is all up to you who you wish to share them with.

Read more: About One.com's protection of your data - One.com Privacy Policy

Share your gallery on Facebook and Twitter

One of the exciting possibilities of having a gallery on you own domain is that with just a couple of clicks, you are able to share your albums by publishing them to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and more. In the One.com Gallery there is an option that makes it easy to embed albums in blogs and on other websites. This way you can effortlessly share the videos and pictures in your gallery on your own domain with your friends, family and additional network, fast and user-friendly.

Free open source gallery on your own domain

The selection of gallery applications on the internet is wide. No matter what needs you may have for presenting or sharing your images or videos, there is certainly a solution that will meet your demands.

One.com Gallery is just one of many options for hosting a gallery on your own domain. As an alternative you can choose to display the images and videos on your web space in one of the many open source galleries. As One.com has PHP, you can for instance, install Menalto Gallery or Coppermine Gallery or any one of the many open source galleries available out there.

Read more: Here you can find Menalto Gallery

If you are looking for a gallery with a simpler user interface and with less configurable options, the Flash-based gallery system SimpleViewer is worth considering.

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