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Market your website with Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an effective means of targeted online marketing. Whether for a commercial website such as a web shop, a corporate website - or for an organisational or a private personal website - as our customer you get a Google AdWords coupon for free, right from the start.

For example, Google AdWords provided freely by One.com gives you access to the following benefits:

Targeted marketing
Increased traffic - more visitors
Improved exposure on the search engines
Easy overview over your expenditure

Google AdWords - An intelligent advertising method

Google AdWords is an innovative way of running online advertising. Online marketing has undergone a development that has changed many business models and created new platforms for doing business on the Internet's globalised marketplace. The range of advanced online marketing tools is wide. Meanwhile, the competition for the internet users' and consumers' attention has increased as well. The technological development within e-business has made the Internet a much more complex marketplace with strong competition for advertising expenditure and with lots of participants.

Online marketing with Google AdWords

The many online marketing propositions may seem confusing, and prioritising the resources can be something of a challenge. One of the advanced but also user-friendly advertising methods is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is based on the keywords entered by users on the Google search engine. The user's search words decide which advertisements are displayed on the page. By this the system takes care that the selected advertisements has more relevance to the user than a random ad would have had.

Google AdWords is usable whether you run a commercial website, or you are a private individual who wants to attract more traffic to a website. Google AdWords can help you to gain more visitors and obtain high quality traffic to your website.

Target your campaign with Google AdWords

People are different. Targeting the advertising more narrowly towards the potential users of a certain product is therefore a better method than sending an identical message to everybody. Targeting the marketing towards potentially interested users is a basic idea of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords has many obvious advantages compared to other ways of online advertising: You will reach exactly the readers, users, customers and business partners etc. who are looking for precisely what you can offer them.

Get quickly started with keyword advertising

As a Google partner One.com can now offer its customers a coupon for AdWords. Advertising with Google AdWords will only display your ad to visitors who are actually looking for what your website can offer them. By targeting the marketing you minimize the extra costs. Google AdWords helps you to convert Internet users to customers.

Read more: On the Inside AdWords blog you can follow the ongoing development of Google AdWords.

Display Google AdWords on other web sites

With Google AdWords your ads will not only be shown on the Google search engine. They will thanks to Google's content network also be displayed on numerous web sites that your customers visit. Thus, you can get attention on web sites that are specialised within exactly your industry. For example, it could be blogs, discussion boards and community sites. It is a win-win cooperation that you can benefit a lot from.

Be successful with Google AdWords

With Google AdWords it is the result that counts. The system is transparent and gives you the response you need to optimise the outcome of your effort. Success with Google AdWords is very much based on choosing the right keywords.

Select Google AdWords keywords of two-three words and avoid the too general and very broad concepts. Instead concentrate the keywords around specific key terms that are relevant to your website and your services. Also make sure to create a good correlation between the keyword and the ad text in general - and to the page that your Google AdWords advertisement is linking to. It is a good idea to start out by writing a list of all the words and sentences that characterize your industry or for the subjects your website is about. Also remember to include brand- and product names and use the list as a starting point for identifying your best keywords for Google AdWords.

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