Online backup in real time

Protect your data with online backup in real time. Bix continuously saves and synchronizes your local data with your online backup. While taking backup of your data, you can continue your work undisturbed.

Automatic data protection's automatic online backup works quietly in the background. Just add or change the files you want to synchronize. Then, the current backup will run automatically without you having to think about technical settings of any kind.

Stay safe from computer crashes

Automatic online backup means that even if you're unfortunate to lose a computer, an external hard drive or a USB stick, there will be no loss of data that you have stored in Bix. There will always be an identical copy of your data stored in Bix. When you save a file locally on your computer, it is also stored in Bix and serves as a backup. It is as simple as that.

Safe and easy to use backup backup combines the industry's highest safety standards with optimum usability. Your backups are stored in your own encrypted and password-protected Bix. All data transfer between your device and Bix is secured via encrypted SSL connections. Online backup at is fast and easy and requires no special skills.