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Get Your Own Personal Blog

Your weblog (blog) is a place for sharing your thoughts with others in text, images and even video.

Blog on your website

Your blog can be part of a larger website, for example together with a gallery. The blog can also make up the main content of your homepage. By choosing as your webhost you get the opportunities of realizing your ideas with a personal blog on the Internet and to create blog posts that stand out from the crowd.

Online diary or creative display window?

You can use a blog as an online diary, a creative display window or as an opportunity for your friends and family to take part in your life. The options are virtually endless, and only your own imagination limits what a domain and a blog can do for you.

Easily create an unlimited number of blogs

All web spaces at have a built-in user-friendly blog system, that you can use to create a blog. You can even create as many blogs as you wish. Having more than one blog can be an advantage for example if you are blogging about different topics or if you want to create a blog for other members of your family on your domain.

Invite others to join your blog

An integrated invite feature on the web space lets you invite your friends, family and colleagues to participate and contribute with comments or posts on the blog. You are also free to choose which permissions you want to give every single user of the blog. In this way you maintain control over the content you display on you blog while at the same time creating the best basis for making your blog a personal and social gathering point.

WordPress blog and CMS

One of the most versatile functions that comes with a web space at is a database. A database can be extremely useful, not only for the technically minded but for all users wishing for rich features and dynamic content on their homepages.

MySQL database

Having a MySQL database and the script language PHP on the web space means that you can use database supported web publishing systems on the website: FTP, PHP & MySQL

A common thing to do is to install one of the free open source CMS systems like for example WordPress, that is suited for both a blog and for managing the content on a regular website.

1-click WordPress is an easy way to get WordPress installed on your web space with

Get started easily

It is easy to create a blog at We have made a guide that helps you to get easily started. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our support. We are here to help you with all issues regarding web space, domain, blog and other services provided by