How much web space do you need?

It's easy to become confused about web space. Many web hosts offer such a range of packages, you may buy one with larger space for your website than you actually need.

This is why has three simple options. They begin with 25 GB of web space for only 2.45 USD a month. This is more than enough to get a standard website up and running. There's also lots of room for your gallery and email accounts.

The other options are there to help you when you want to develop your website. 100 GB and 200 GB or more are ideal for expansion.

Text and images

Personal websites often begin by using no more than 10-25 MB. The text usually occupies just a tiny fraction of the web space: 500 pages use approximately 1 MB. Images take up far more room. As a rule of thumb, an image takes up 80 KB of space, but in practice many images are smaller than this. For information, 1000 KB equals 1 MB. A 200 GB website can therefore have images and graphics related to the website's construction; plenty of photos and a lot of text.


A website needs more web space when you have multimedia features such as sound and video. The amount you'll require varies. Your sound and audio files will give their sizes in either KB or MB. Another popular addition to a website is to create a blog. This also takes up further web space, although you'll still be well within your allowance.

With as your web host, you don't have to worry about web space. The space makes available for you suits your needs and allows you to grow your site when and how you wish.