Ideas to help you create a website

Choosing a theme for your website

When you set out to create a website you must have a theme. This applies whether your site is for personal or business use. Any website that's crowded with different themes and ideas soon confuses visitors.

If you have more than one theme, why not create a website for each? Decide on suitable domain names, and arrange for to host each one.

Web content that works

Every time you create a website, you need copy to a greater or lesser extent. When writing content for the web, keep the text as simple as possible so that your audience can follow it. Use short sentences and keep your paragraphs brief. Ideally, a paragraph should be no more than three or four sentences.

To help you further, type your text on a separate document before transferring it to your site. Then you can take advantage of the spell and grammar checker that comes with your word processing software.

Keep it simple

The final point about text is to resist the temptation to use a mix of font sizes and styles. By all means have bold headings and sub-headings, but stick to a plain readable font. A site that uses different coloured text and a range of flowery font styles can easily confuse your site visitors.

To promote a dialogue with the visitors on your website, you can create a blog and allow readers to comment on your writings.