A web hotel to suit your needs

A website requires a physical place on a server in order for people to be able to visit it on the Internet. This also applies when it comes to emails, blog entries, pictures etc. This must all be placed on a "web hotel". A web hotel acts as a storage room or a "home" to data that is to be reached online. At One.com we offer you a low-priced web hotel that stores your data safely and efficiently and makes it available on the Internet.

Web hotels come in different sizes

A web hotel hosted by One.com is in every case a safe and user-friendly solution. Exactly what type of web hotel suits you best, depends on your server size needs. In many cases, our smallest web hotel solution will suffice. This will allow enough server space for a website, emails, blog and online photo sharing with photo galleries. The more space demanding user will find more possibilities in a larger web hotel. No matter which package you choose, you can easily switch to another if your requirements change.

A safe web hotel solution

One.com offers one of the best web hotels on the market, and we never compromise with security. We use high-quality servers exclusively and the server rooms are under 24hour surveillance and equipped with advanced alarm systems. All data is backed up and secured in a separate data backup center on a daily basis. This way you can rest assured that your data is secure on your web hotel at One.com.