Evergreen Research launches new bug website

Written: Jun 8, 2011 Category: Website
Evergreen Research recently launched a website for dealing with bugs. Evergreen Research recently launched a new website called bugbutton.com, offering the company's line of insect repellents.

The interactive site includes information about each product, a chat function for users looking to have their questions answered and what types of insects their products defend against.

According to the company, residents from all over the United States can benefit from the new site. Other features include customer reviews located on the homepage, tabs that help prepare users for outdoor activities and a page devoted to providing assistance to make their products last as long as possible.

"Bugbutton.com provides an alternative for those customers that are too busy to drive to the store", said the company. "Now they can simply click their way through and have them sitting on their front doorstep before they know it".

The BugButton line of insect repellent has been on the market for more than 12 years. The product is non-flammable and contains a non-toxic formula that includes Geraiol, which evaporates and leaves a vapor deterring flying insects, including mosquitoes, according to the new website.