New website caters to older travellers - Web hosting

A new website offers advice to older travellers. A retired couple from Scottsdate, Arizona, recently launched a website designed to provide advice and assistance Baby Boomers who enjoy travelling the world.

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Written: Jan 3, 2011 Category: Web hosting

Survey: New Zealand businesses not taking advantage of the internet - Domain

New Zealand businesses may have much to gain by further embracing the web. New research indicates that many New Zealand businesses are not taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer.

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Written: Nov 8, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Domain

Most offline advertising in the UK includes a web address

Web addresses in offline advertising have become increasingly common. According to a new report, 65 percent of offline advertising in the United Kingdom now incorporates a web address.

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Written: Nov 5, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Domain

Cyber attack shuts down Media Temple

Starbucks' website was recently shut down because of a DDoS attack Media Temple, a U.S.-based web hosting company, was hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack on Tuesday and was shut down as a result, CNET reports.

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Written: May 28, 2010 Category: Web hosting

Facebook collaborates with Microsoft for hosted applications

Docs for Facebook is a new application hosting program like Google Docs. While many internet users are aware of the Google Docs service, there's now a new kid on the block.

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Written: Apr 23, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Online storage

Digital Economy Bill enforces copyright law online

Members of Parliament in England recently approved a bill to strengthen enforcement of copyright on filesharing websites. Members of Parliament approved the Digital Economy Bill recently, which will place tougher penalties for unlawful file-sharing for UK web users, according to ZDNet UK.

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Written: Apr 8, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Domain

Domain name sells for $1.1 million

UsedAirplanes recently bought the website domain for $1.1 million When it comes to website development, having the right domain name could be worth a million bucks.

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Written: Apr 7, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Webspace - Domain

VeriSign files to provide domain trade-in service

VeriSign recently filed with ICANN to offer website domain train-in service. Website developers who get sick of their domain name but have a solid site design may benefit from a new service that could help them stir it up.

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Written: Apr 7, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Domain

YouTube makes website readjustment

YouTube recently modified its home page to optimize navigation, according to an AFP report. Video hosting website YouTube recently announced a significant redesign to make the site more user-friendly, according to an AFP report.

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Written: Apr 2, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website

Australian government keeps website blacklist private

Skeptics of Australia's internet filtering system criticize the transparency of the program saying it could cause censorship. Those that are skeptical about government control of the internet may feel conflicted about a new announcement by the Australian government about its mandatory web filter.

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Written: Mar 29, 2010 Category: Web hosting - Website - Blog - Online storage - Webspace
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