Troubleshooting WebCreator

The WebCreator will not start

If a pop-up window with the WebCreator does not appear, make sure pop-up blockers are disabled. It can be a toolbar or specific popup blocker software. Disable them and allow pop-ups for your domain.

To disable the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer chose Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings.

Disabling the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer. Navigating the Internet Explorer tools menu. Selecting the pop-up blocker settings.

This will open the following menu:

Allowing pop-ups on your domain with

Write you domain name (e.g. and click Add.

I replaced my original website with a template

If you created a new index.html page, your old index.html site will be renamed to index.html-061123-1401.html (the numbers will vary). In order to restore it as your index file, delete your present index page and rename the index.html-061123-1401.html file to index.html.

Restoring original web site when replaced by a template.