Creating a web page in WebCreator

Creating webpage with one of our templates

To create a new webpage with a template, choose the WebCreator icon on the front page of your Control panel, which is accessed through our home page.

Click the Next button for Choose a template for your website.

Select a template for your web site.

You are now able to browse through the available templates. Click on the View button in order to view a template and Select in order to start installing a template.

You can view a website template before selecting it.

In the newly opened window, enter a name for the project you want your website to be known as. It could be My Website.

That project name will not be displayed anywhere on the web page. By default the web page you are about to create, will replace your present front page.

You are also able to choose a different file name for the page you are creating. Web page title is the text appearing at the very top of your browser, when a person opens your page. By default this is your domain name. Change the value of the field Menu text in order to give the page a different name, for the menu list.

Enter your website details to install the design template on your web space.

If all the fields are filled out correctly you will be taken to a page confirming that the installation of the template was successfully completed.

The template has been installed successfully.

Click Finish in order to finish the installation and start editing your web page.

Edit an existing web page

Edit your existing website with WebCreator.

If you have a web page, either on your web space or on your own computer, go through one of the two below-mentioned steps.

Select whether your website is on the server or on your computer.

My files are on the web server

If you already have created a project or have any other HTML site on your web space, choose the file from the list. The list is divided in two parts:

Project list - containing your created projects.

Here you will see a list of your current web site projects.

Clicking the View link will take you to the front page of the project.

Clicking Edit will open the WebCreator with your front page ready to be edited and the associated pages in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Select to view or edit a web site project.

File list - containing every HTML file on your web space.

The file list shows all HTML files located in the root folder of the web space.

Here you can also click either View to get a preview of each file or Edit to open in the WebCreator.

Preview or edit a file in WebCreator.

My files have to be uploaded to the web-server

If your web pages have not been uploaded to your web space yet;

Click on either the link to start your FTP application or use the File Manager by clicking the link at the bottom.

You need to upload your website to edit it with WebCreator.

Create your web page from scratch

With WebCreator you can also create a web site from scratch.

If you want to create a web page from scratch, choose this option. You are able to choose an Empty page with or without a centered fixed width design. If in doubt, choose the empty page without the fixed center.

Start out with a blank page and build your web site from scratch.