Set up One Photo automatic backup on Mac

Set up automatic backup
Manage folders
Manage preferences

Set up automatic backup

Select folders on your computer that you want to back up to your One Photo gallery. If you add new photos to these folders, they will be uploaded automatically to your gallery.

If you have a Windows computer or an iPad, iPhone or Android device, check out our other guides.

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Note: A folder is not syncronized, so if you want to remove photos you need to do this from your online gallery, by moving them to the trash.

Download the app from your gallery

Step 1 - Download the app

  1. Open your gallery and click Apps in the top right corner.
  2. Click Download the app.
The One Photo app is supported on devices with OS X 10.8 and above.

Enter your account details to login to your gallery

Step 2 - Sign in

  1. Drag the app to your Applications folder it's called "One Photo".
  2. Open the Finder, go to your Applications folder and double click One Photo Backup app.
  3. Sign in with your One Photo user account.

Select folders to backup

Step 3 - Select folders to back up

  1. Select the folders that you want to back up automatically and click Upload.
  2. You can add more folders by clicking the + icon.
  3. That's all!

Manage folders

Add folders to automatic upload

You can manage which folders to back up to your gallery from the Folders tab.

  • To remove a folder, select it and click the - icon in the bottom left corner.
  • To add a folder, drag it in the application or click the + icon to select a folder on your computer.

Check the box in the bottom right corner to Also back up videos automatically.

Manage preferences

Select if you want to backup automatically

Manage your preferences from the General tab. Here you can also see how many files you have in your gallery and how much space you are using.

  • Check the box for Launch One Photo on system startup if you want One Photo to run at startup.
  • Check the box for Limit upload bandwidth automatically to limit the computer resources that are spent on uploading .

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