Setting up a Mobile Phone

If your device is an iPhone or a smartphone running Windows Phone or Symbian operating systems, please refer to our system specific mail setup guides.
  1. In your mobile phone’s menu, go to the settings for email accounts.
  2. In the appropriate fields, enter the email address and the password that you created in the control panel.
  3. For mail protocol select IMAP (IMAP4)
  4. Use the following information to set up your mobile phone’s built-in email client to send and receive email, being your domain, hosted by
    • User Name/Account Name:
    • Email Address:
    • For incoming server (IMAP) enter
    • IMAP port: 993
    • For outgoing server (SMTP) enter
    • SMTP port: 465
    • Use Authentication: Yes

Note: When setting up email on a mobil phone, all account details must be entered manually. There is no guarantee that your mobile phone’s automatic settings will work.