Getting started with One Photo

Welcome to One Photo. In this guide we will help you to create your gallery, set up your user account and upload your first photos and videos.

Display your images in our gallery
Step 1 - Create your gallery
Step 2 - Set up your user account
Step 3 - Start uploading
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What is One Photo?

One Photo is an online gallery included in all our hosting packages. Easily back up, secure and view your photos and videos from your phone, tablet and computer.

Check out this example gallery

Install our apps to set up automatic backup and store your precious memories in one secure location. Use 5 GB for free, or upgrade to One Photo Pro and get 500 GB.

Step 1 - Create your gallery

Create your first gallery from the Control Panel. In the free version of One Photo you get 5 GB dedicated storage and you can create one gallery. Upgrade to One Photo Pro to get 500 GB of storage and create as many galleries as you want.

The storage space you get with One Photo is dedicated space for your gallery. It comes on top of the web space that is included in your hosting subscription.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel and click One Photo.
  2. Enter a name for your gallery.
  3. Set the gallery location, this is the URL where your gallery should be visible. It always includes your domain name.
  4. Select a sender email, this address will be used to send notifications and invitations to other users or when you share links. The address needs to be linked to your domain, for example
  5. Choose an owner of the gallery, you need to enter a name and email address. The email address will be used to create the user account with which you log in.
  6. Click Create gallery.
Note: SSL needs to be activated on your domain to be able to use the gallery. If SSL is not active, you will be prompted to enable it before you can create the gallery.
Enter details to create your first gallery

Step 2 - Set up your user account

To finish creating your gallery you need to set up your user account. An email has been sent to the address you entered for the gallery owner with more instructions.

  1. Open your inbox and locate the email from One Photo
  2. Click Create password in the email.
  3. In the browser window that opens, enter a password two times and click Create account.

Open your mail and click create password

Step 3 - Start uploading

You are now ready to upload photos and videos. You can simply drag-and-drop them from your computer to your gallery. Your photos and videos are automatically ordered by date and grouped per month.

  1. Click Start uploading in your browser.
  2. Locate the files on your computer.
  3. Drag the files from your computer in the dropzone of the Gallery or browse to select files.

If you want to upload more photos click Upload in the top right corner, or simply drag and drop your photos in the gallery. You can also install the desktop app to automatically upload and backup folders on your computer to your gallery.

Drag your photos and videos in your gallery

Explore more!

Your gallery is now all set up. Time to explore how to manage your photos and videos in One Photo and how to share them with others.

Set up One Photo automatic backup
Install our apps on your desktop and mobile devices and back up your photos and videos automatically. That way you can easily collect all photos in one location and never lose a memory.
Organize your photos and videos in collections
Sort your photos in Collections, for example for your vacations or family event. A photo can be part of multiple collections and you can create as many collections as you want.
Invite your friends and family
Create users for your friends and family and invite them to take part in your gallery. Users can upload their own photos and help make your collections complete.
Share your photos and videos
Share your photos and collections with others by creating unique links. You can send these links via email or share them for example via social media.

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