Using the Photo and Video Gallery

Click Gallery in the Control Panel

To get started, you must first create a Gallery. To create a new Gallery, log in to your Control Panel and click Gallery.

Click create Gallery

Click Create Gallery.

Select Gallery name and location

Type in a name for the Gallery, and select a location. You can either use the front page of your website, or place your Gallery on a subpage, for example

Create the first gallery user

Create the first user for you Gallery. Enter an email address (username) and a name. Select a password and confirm it. Finally choose the permissions you want this user to have. The first user (you) should have all permissions, for full control of the Gallery. You can create additional users from the Gallery later.

Select design template

Select a design template, and click Create Gallery.

The gallery has been created

You have now created your Gallery!

Creating an Album

To create an album, log in to the Gallery with your email address and password and click Create new album.

Creating an album in the Gallery

Enter a name for your new album and select privacy level.

You can also select a date and enter a description of the album.

Entering album details

Adding Photos and Videos to an Album

If you want to add photos and videos to an existing album, enter the album and click Add video or Add photo.

Adding photos to an existing album

To add content to a new album, click Create new album. Click Upload photos or Upload videos and then drag and drop the files into the dotted box.

Adding photos or videos to a new album

Adding and editing captions

Click edit album

You can add a caption to a photo by clicking Edit Album.

Click save

Click Add caption. Type in the caption and click Submit.

Type in the caption

Click Save to save your changes.

View caption

The caption will immediately be displayed in the Gallery.

Editing an Album

Click Edit Album to edit a specific album. This is where you enable or disable download and sharing of the photos and videos in the album. You can also choose if the album should be public, private or hidden.

Editing an album

You can sort the albums by name or by date. Select ascending or descending order.

Sorting the albums

Any public photo or video can be set as the cover photo for an album. Simply click the thumbnail and tick the Cover photo checkbox. Remember to save your changes.

Selecting a cover photo for an album

Adding Comments

To add a comment to a photo or video, move the mouse over the thumbnail. Click + to write your comment and click Submit.

Adding a comment to a photo or video

Managing Comments for your Gallery

Tick the Allow anonymous comments box in the Settings menu if you want to allow anonymous comments. If the box is unchecked (default), users will need to log in to leave comments.

Ticking the checkbox to allow anonymous comments

Inviting Friends

Invite your friends to your Gallery by clicking Invite Friends in the Settings menu.

Inviting friends to your Gallery

Enter the email addresses and names of your friends. Write a personal message to your friends and click Send.

Writing a personal message to your friends

Viewing Friends

You can get an overview of the friends of your Gallery by clicking View Friends in the Settings menu.

Viewing the friends of your Gallery

For each friend you can view details about their last login and their number of albums, photos and comments.

Viewing friend activity details

Editing your Profile

You can edit the details of your personal profile by clicking Edit Profile in the Settings menu.

Editing your profile details

Your Display name will be visible to all your Gallery visitors.

Editing your Display name

You can add links to your Gallery top bar by clicking Add/edit links in the Settings menu.

Adding links to your Gallery

Enter a name for the link and an URL. The link will be added, when you click Add link.

Entering a name for the link

Changing your Gallery Password

You can change your password by clicking Edit Profile in the Settings menu.

Changing your Gallery password

Tick the Change password box. Enter your new password twice and finally your current password. Click Save to save your new password.

Changing your Gallery Password

Managing Users & Groups

To manage the users and groups of your Gallery, click Users & Groups in the Settings menu.

Managing Gallery users and groups

In Users & Groups you will see a list of all users of your Gallery. Here you can edit group memberships and user permissions. You can also create new groups or adjust the details for existing groups.

Edit group memberships and permissions

Sharing Albums

To start sharing, click the album you want to share.

Sharing your Gallery albums

Select how to share your album (on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) or copy the embed code and insert it on a blog or a website.

Selecting how to share the album

Make sure that you have enabled sharing of the album. You can enable/disable sharing and download of an album under Edit Album.

Enabling sharing of the album