Troubleshooting Blog

The content you entered was not accepted

When posting a message in the blog this error may occur:

The entered blog content was not accepted.

This means that the message contains contents not accepted by the blog. This error often occurs when pasting text from various sources (e.g. webpages or word processing applications) as the formatting will be copied into the source code of the message.

Whenever pasting a text to the blog, do the following:

  • Open Notepad (or another text editor)
  • Paste the text into the editor
  • Copy the text from the editor
  • Paste it into the blog

Blog causes original web site to disappear

The original website does not show anymore, when a blog that was created in the root of the web space, is removed.

When a new blog is created, an index.html file is placed in the root of the web space.

The blog causes the original web site to disappear.

If a file of that name already exists in the folder, that old file will be renamed.

That old file will after the automatic rename look like this: index.html-061123-1401.html (the numbers will vary).

This will result in the original front page having the wrong name when the blog is deleted, since the front page needs to have the name index.html to work correctly.

Look at the files on the web space (either through an FTP-program or the File Manager in the Control Panel on our home page).

  • Delete the current index.html file (this is/was the blog front page).
  • If the original front page was also called index.html before installing the blog, there will now be a file name such as the following located in the root of the web space: index.html-061123-1401.html (these numbers will vary).
  • Rename this file to index.html.
  • If the front page was called index.htm or index.php, there is no need to rename any file.