Add an SPF record

Step 1 - Go to DNS
Step 2 - Add a record
Step 3 - Save the record

Adding an SPF record helps to avoid that your email address is being used to send spam without your consent. This is known as email spoofing.

How does SPF work?

With SPF you can define the outgoing mail servers that can send email from your domain name. When an incoming mail server receives an email from your domain name, it compares the SPF record with the outgoing mail server information. If the information doesn't match, the email is identified as unauthorized and won't be delivered.

Unfortunately not all incoming mail servers check for SPF records. So even though adding an SPF record will help, it cannot prevent all spoofing.

Step 1 - Go to DNS

Log in to your control panel and click DNS.

Click DNS in the control panel

Step 2 - Add a record

Click Web DNS.
Under Personal web DNS settings add the following details:

Domain: leave this field empty
Type: TXT
TTL: 3600
Priority: 1
Value: v=spf1 -all

Note: When you select a TXT record under Type a warning appears. This warning is only relevant if you already have an existing SPF record. Contact our support if you are unsure.

Add a spf record under DNS in the control panel

Step 3 - Save the record

Click the green + icon to save.

Save DNS settings

You are now done. It may take up to 90 minutes for the change to be active.

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