Why is my .dk domain not working?

There can be several reasons why your .dk domain isn't working, the most common are:

Contact details are not validated
Registration is not confirmed
Domain has expired

Contact details are not validated

DK Hostmaster, the registry for .dk domains, needs to validate the contact details that you entered when ordering your domain. They do this by matching your details to the CPR or CVR register (Danish residents only).

If your details do not match, DK Hostmaster will send you an email asking you to update. If the details haven't been updated within 60 days the domain will be deleted.

If you reside outside Denmark, DK Hostmaster will send a letter by post. If this letter is returned undelivered, they will try to contact you via email. If DK Hostmaster doesn't get a response within 60 days, the domain will be deleted.

Read more about validation at DK Hostmaster

Registration is not confirmed

The registration of each .dk domain needs to be confirmed by the registrant (you). You can do this after you have completed your order at One.com.

You can also confirm your domain later on the website of DK Hostmaster. An email with more information on how to do this will be sent to your inbox. DK Hostmaster also sends a letter by post to confirm your registration.

You cannot use the .dk domain until you have confirmed it. If a domain hasn't been confirmed within 60 days, your application for the domain will be deleted.

Read more about the activation procedure

Domain has expired

After the first year, the domain fee for .dk domains is not billed by One.com. Instead DK Hostmaster bills the registrant (you) directly. This means you will receive two invoices; one from us, for the web space and any add on products you have subscribed to, and one from DK Hostmaster for your domain.

If DK Hostmaster doesn't receive payment for your domain, eventually it will be expired. You can reactivate your domain again for an extra fee of 125,00 DKK. You need to contact DK Hostmaster directly to have your domain reactivated.

Find out more about reactivating your domain

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