Which features are available for SSH?

Some of the features available for SSH:

Shell access

File handling

  • cd - navigation in file structure
  • cp - copy files
  • mv - move and rename file
  • mkdir - create directories
  • rm - delete files
  • chmod - change file permissions
  • nano, vim, joe, emacs, jed - edit files

Database handling

  • mysql
  • mysqldump
  • mysqlrestore

File transfer

With SSH enabled you can securely transfer files to your web space. We offer these protocols:

  • sftp
  • scp
  • rsync

File structure

You find your web space located in a public folder called /www and your private home folder at /home/example.com - just replace example.com with your own domain.

  • Your public web space folder:
  • Your private home folder: