Where can I find more information about using Office?

Microsoft has created a lot of guides and tutorials to help you get the most out of Office 365. We have sorted out the best for you to help you on your way.



Outlook is a great tool for managing email and calendars. To set up your One.com email and calendar, check out the following guides.

Setting up Microsoft Outlook 2016
Setting up Outlook 2016 with CalDAV Synchronizer
Outlook help page from Microsoft
Outlook 2016 Tips & Tricks (eBook)


Word hardly needs any explanation. The version you get with Office 2016 has all the things you like and know, plus some handy new features.

Word help page from Microsoft
Word training and tutorials
What's new in Word 2016 for Windows


Excel is a great way to organize your data and understand what it means. You can also show your data in graphs to make it more visual.

Excel help page from Microsoft
Excel training and tutorials
Basic tasks in Excel 2016 for Windows


With PowerPoint you can quickly create a great looking presentation. Add text, images, graphs or video's to your slides, everything is possible.

PowerPoint help page from Microsoft
PowerPoint training and tutorials
Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation


Microsoft Access is a database management system. You can use it to produce forms, queries and reports.

Access help page from Microsoft
Access training and tutorials
Basic tasks for an Access desktop database


OneNote is your digital notebook. Use it to take notes during meetings, record a presentation or make a to-do list.

OneNote help page from Microsoft
OneNote 2016 training and tutorials
OneNote 2016 Tips & Tricks (eBook)


Publisher is a user friendly graphic design application, meant for non-professional users. Pick one of the many templates to design a business card, brochure, calendar or more.

Publisher help page from Microsoft
Basic tasks in Publisher

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