What is Website Builder Premium?

What do I get with the premium version?
I have more than 5 pages, what happens to my site?
What features have been added to Website Builder over the last years?

Premium is a paid version of Website Builder, with extra features. With the Premium version you can publish more pages, view your website in high-resolution and get access to Premium designer templates.

The standard version of Website Builder will still be free for all customers, however you can now publish a maximum of 5 pages. If you want to publish more pages you need to upgrade to Premium.

We will continue to develop both the standard and the Premium version.

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What do I get with the premium version?

With Premium you get access to the following features:

  • Access to Premium designer templates
  • High-resolution images on HD screens like Apple Retina
  • Restore backups of your Website Builder projects
  • Sites with more than 100 pages

We are constantly working to improve Website Builder, so you can look forward to more features to be added in the future.

I have more than 5 pages, what happens to my site?

Your site will stay exactly as it is, both your published pages and your content in Website Builder.

If you want to publish changes, you need to upgrade to Premium or limit your site to 5 pages. You can reduce pages by hiding them inside Website Builder. The same applies if you decide to cancel Premium later.

How do I hide a page?

What features have been added to Website Builder over the last years?

Over the last years we have worked very hard to improve Website Builder. We have added more features, improved the user experience and designed more templates for you to choose from.

Below some of the new features that our customers are most happy with.

  • Contact form component - Adding a contact form is now super easy. Simply drag the component in your page, choose your settings and done!
  • Responsive templates - We have added a lot more templates and now they also adapt to smaller screens.
  • Page layouts - When creating a new page, you can select a layout, for example a contact page or gallery. Designing a site was never easier.
  • Full width backgrounds - Add a full width background image to your site, for example a landscape or scenery. It will adjust automatically to the width of your screen.
  • Image editing - You can now edit your images directly in Website Builder, which saves a lot of time. Your changes are saved in a new file, so you still have the original.
  • Stock photos - Can't find the image you are looking for? Browse thousands of stock photos from Bigstock and buy them directly inside Website Builder.
  • Customizable buttons - Make buttons of every color and size. Drag the button component in your page, adjust the size and link it to the location you want.
  • Faster publishing - Publishing is now much faster, even if your site has a 100 pages!

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