What is PHP safe mode and open basedir?

Running PHP in safe mode is a security measure widespread among webhosting providers. Meanwhile, safe mode restrictions often result in severe limitations and reduced performance. We want to provide our customers as much of PHP's functionality as possible while at the same time giving safety high priority.

One.com's servers run with safe mode set to off and with open basedir set to on.

To make sure that only legitimate scripts are executed on our customers' web spaces, we have enabled open_basedir.

Open_basedir is a security function in PHP that defines the locations or paths from which PHP is allowed to access files.

The following PHP functions have been disabled by One.com:

  • disk_total_space
  • diskfreespace
  • exec
  • system
  • popen
  • proc_open
  • proc_nice
  • shell_exec
  • passthru
  • dl
  • set_time_limit and the 5th parameter in mail().

Note: Any script that works under PHP in safe mode will generally work on a web space with One.com.

Find more info about open_basedir at php.net.