What is my contact email address?

Your contact email address is the primary contact address we have registered for you in our administration.

We use this address to send you among other things, your yearly invoice, a reset password link or a cancellation link. It is also your user name for the control panel.

Keep your address always up-to-date

It's important to keep your contact email address up-to-date. Otherwise you won't be able to access the control panel and you will miss important emails.

You can change your contact email address in the control panel. We have created a step-by-step guide for this.

Change your contact email address

If you don't have access to the control panel, you need to fill out a signed request to update the email address. Check out our guide below.

How do I change my contact details if I cannot login?
Note: To protect your privacy and keep your data safe, we don't give out information about your contact details via our online chatsupport.

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