What is encryption?

Encryption is used to protect data against unauthorized access by making it unreadable to anyone except those possessing a special key.

What is server-side encryption?

Server-side encryption takes place on the server, before the data is placed in Bix by means of an AES-CBC 128-bit encryption key. With server-side encryption, you have great flexibility because besides having access to your private data from your computer(s), Android phone or iPhone/iPad you also can access all your data via any browser.

What is client-side encryption?

Client-side encryption means that in addition to the server-side encryption, another encryption will take place on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phone. However, client-side encryption will not encrypt the files' metadata on the client. Metadata is all the information about the actual file, such as filename and size.

As a rule, we do not recommend client-side encryption. The reason is that if you forget your encryption key, the key can not be reconstructed. Thus, the data placed on Bix will be unusable. Client-side encryption uses AES-256.