What are add-on domains?

What is an add-on domain?
What are the requirements for an add-on domain?
What can I use an add-on domain for?

What is an add-on domain?

An add-on domain is a separate domain name you add to an existing web hosting subscription with One.com.

  • It gives access to the same services as our Starter package, but without the extra web space.
  • You only pay for the yearly domain fee, which makes it a lot cheaper than a full hosting subscription.

What are the requirements for an add-on domain?

You can order as many add-on domains as you want, as long as:

  • The add-on domain is linked to an existing web space and shares the same email address to login.
  • You have a Professional Plus or Business package.
Note: It is not possible to order add-on domains with our two smallest packages. However it's already cheaper to upgrade to Professional Plus if you have more than 4 domains.

What can I use an add-on domain for?

An add-on domain has the same functionality as a full hosting subscription. You can for example use it to:

  • Create another website - You can make a second website with Website Builder, create email addresses and set up a Gallery. Though you share the disk space of the hosting package, an add-on domain has a separate space and FTP login.
  • Attract more vistors with a redirect - You can redirect an add-on domain to your existing website to generate more traffic. For example register a domain with a common misspelling of your main domain. That way your visitors will still end up on your website, even if they have typed your domain wrong.
Tip: We have made it very easy to redirect add-on domains to other domains under the same login. Click DNS in your control Panel, select the domain you want to redirect to and click Save.

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